Important notice
All personnel entering exhibition hall must present original ID card. International visitors must present valid passport for inspection, and take photos at designated registration desk.

Global Green Energy & PV Financial Summit

The Summit will focus on how to provide strong impetus for sustainable development for the new energy industry, revitalize the PV industry and open up a new stage of the PV industry in the new era of grid parity and the new stage of the new energy development driven by the block chain technology. It will build a new energy system based on PV power generation in combination with energy storage, smart power distribution, smart energy use and digital energy, improve the market scale and create greater development space.


Focusing on green finance and fintech, the conference will gather senior experts and stakeholders of PV and renewable energy industries to discuss the key year of the transition to grid parity. In PV technology development, PV power station investment and financing, construction, trading, and construction of a new energy system, a series of financial tools, financial systems, financial policies and financial services, technological means of PVc finance, how to use big data, cloud computing blockchain and other technologies, real-time monitoring of PV power station operation status, power generation quantity, power generation income and other information, as well as new energy assets with technology + risk control + insurance service mode. It provides guarantee for the realization of efficient value circulation of PV assets.