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Huawei Unviels AI Boost FusionSolar 6.0 Smart PV Solution at SNEC


Huawei has announced that it has launced its AI Boost FusionSolar 6.0 Smart PV Solution at the enduring SNEC conference in Shanghai.

In the technological integration of multi-MPPT design, intelligent multi-peak tracking, smart I-V diagnosis 3.0, and AI boost connection algorithm, the FusionSolar 6.0 Solution reduces LCOE by more than 8%, creating more value for customers.

The company’s SUN2000-175KTL/185KTL smart string inverter has a current of 26A per MPPT, which fully meets the demand for bifacial modules. The design of 9 number of MPPT and every 2 strings of MPPT get the advantage of the industry’s finest MPPT granularity smart PV inverter, and yields increased by 3% compared to traditional inverters.

Due to the influence of weather and ground environment, the mismatch effect of the bifacial module is more severe than monofacial’s. During this exhibition, Huawei also provides a smart bifacial module design tool that integrates full-scenario, self-adaptive, and self-learning AI intelligent control algorithms. Huawei helped customers to optimise their design and won the bid with optimal LCOE such as Indian project.

 “In the intelligent era, Huawei abandons the traditional astronomical algorithm while innovatively adopts the AI ​​algorithm to achieve better integration of bifacial modules, trackers and multi-MPPT inverter. Compared with a traditional solution using monofacial modules and fixed trackers, yields have been increased by more than 20%,’ the company issued in a statement.

“Based on a large number data of grid normal and abnormal operation conditions, Huawei developed a mathematical model that integrating AI self-learning impedance reshaping algorithm, supports up to 50% PV penetration rate, thus allowing inverters to support power grid better,’’ it added.

The Huawei Smart I-V Curve diagnosis can carry out online I-V curve analysis on entire strings with advanced diagnosis algorithm, which upgrade to bifacial module scenario. The scanning can find out and identify the strings with low performance or malfunction automatically, which achieve proactive maintenance, higher O&M efficiency and thus minimising the overall operation cost. Online I-V curve scanning on all strings of a 100 MW plant can be completed within 15 minutes.

Tony Xu, Huawei Smart PV Business President, pointed out that the firm is making great efforts to build a digital platform for the solar industry. That it is committed to bringing digital to every PV plant and every renewable energy enterprise and helps partners leading the intelligent era.