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The Grand Opening of SNEC2019 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell "Two Sessions" —Wisdom Collision Lights the Technology



The Grand Opening of SNEC2019 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell "Two Sessions" Wisdom Collision Lights the Technology



On June 4, with blasts of applause , the first "SNEC 2019 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition" (referred to as "International Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy Conference Two Sessions") was held in Shanghai. The global industry elites all gathered in Shanghai, to express their warm congratulations on the smooth convening of the "Two Sessions." Held against the background of the development boom of technology related to hydrogen energy and fuel cells, it will be of great significance in advancing the technology of hydrogen energy and fuel cells.


In "Two Sessions" this year, hydrogen energy was added to the government work report for the first time, and documents were issued to request the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cells. "Made in China 2025" also clearly proposed the technical road map for fuel cells and its key components. “Guideline on emerging sectors of strategic importance during the 13th Five-Year Plan period” has proposed the target of achieving mass production and scale demonstration of fuel cell vehicles by 2020. Nowadays, more than a dozen cities in China are setting off a boom in developing hydrogen energy. Resources including technology, industry and capital have also entered hydrogen energy, hoping to seize a place in this area.


Hosted by Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations (SFEO), and the Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center (SSTEC), the China Renewable Energy Society (CRES), and the Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA), the SNEC International Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy "Two Sessions" also gained endorsement of Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC), Global Energy Storage Alliance (GESA), EUPVSEC, and ETA-Florence.


At the meeting, many top scientists and leading experts attended the opening ceremony of the conference, including: Dinghuan Shi, the honorary chairman of the conference, Former counselor of the State Council, and former secretary-general of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Guoqing Fu, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality; Dong Chen, the Deputy Director of Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center; Guosheng Yu, Chairman, Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations; Dr. Heinz OSSENBRINK, Former Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, European Commission, Joint Research Centre; Jinhua Ma, member of the Standing Committee of Rugao Municipal Committee of Jiangsu Province. The industry leaders attending the conference include: Gongshan Zhu, Chairman of Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC), Chairman of Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), and Vice Chairman of China Electricitry Council; Hewu Wang, Secretary-General of China Electric Vehicle Association; Professor, Department of Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University. Representatives of scientists include: Xiaoxin Zhou, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Honorary President of the Chinese Academy of Electric Power Sciences; Jianping Fang, Vice President of Shanghai Aerospace Industry Group Co., Ltd., and Dean of Aerospace Intelligent Energy Research Institute; Kai Zhu, Director of Shanghai Institute of Space Power-sources. At the meeting, industry experts and leaders have all expressed their warm congratulations on the smooth convening of the meeting.



Dong Chen, the deputy director of Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Center, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony: "At present, China's energy storage technology has initially had the foundation of industrialization. And with the continuous expansion of downstream market demand, achieving technological breakthrough of the energy storage market and commercial applications have become more and more urgent. To promote the development of China's new energy industry and promote domestic and international cooperation and exchange of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology, we held the first Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference.


Guoqing Fu, Vice Director of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, introduced Shanghai's achievements in hydrogen energy development. He said: "Shanghai has initially formed a research center of fuel cell vehicles with Jiading as its core, a fuel cell vehicle manufacturing center with Lingang as its core, three major industrial clusters of hydrogen energy with Jinshan Chemical Industry Zone as the core, forming a relatively complete fuel cell vehicle industry chain resources. By 2020, we aim to build 510 hydrogen filling stations to form a small network of hydrogen filling stations. At present, 13 projects have been supplied to the hydrogen station of the project site, which will initially form a pattern of hydrogen corridor around Shanghai. According to the “Plan on Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Development” issued in September last year, Shanghai will realize key technologies of Fuel Cell Vehicles by 2020, keeping up with the international industry level. And the annual output value of the fuel cell vehicle industry chain is expected to exceed 15 billion yuan. By 2025 and 2030, the annual output value will reach over 100 billion yuan and 300 billion yuan respectively. In the future, Shanghai will definitely become an internationally influential city for fuel cell vehicle applications, and will also be further promoted to users, driving the development of Hydrogen Transportation in Shanghai and even in the Yangtze River Delta Area. "



Gongshan Zhu, chairman of the Global Green Energy Industry Council (GGEIC), chairman of Asia Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) and vice-chairman of China Electric Power Enterprise Federation, said: "This morning, we attended the exhibition together, I saw China Aerospace, the whole hydrogen fuel cell. I had seen Japan, Germany and other countries before, I think the large-scale production and application has begun in China. It is also the 1st time after 12 years of SNEC conferences that we put energy storage and hydrogen energy, including smart energy, at the most important and highlight position of future SNEC.



Dinghuan Shi, Honorary Chairman, Former Counselor of the State Council, Former Chairman of China Renewable Energy Society and Former secretary-general of the Ministry of Science and Technology and former vice-chairman of the International Hydrogen Economy and Fuel Cell Partnership (IPHE), said: "Through this conference, we have better organizational strength. Today, we also see that Shanghai Aerospace has developed very well in the core technology of fuel cells. Our SAIC has the basis of past development. There are many by-products of industrial hydrogen in Shanghai that can be used. Shanghai is a very good base for developing hydrogen fuel cells. We hope this group of activities will be organized by all parties. This is a system engineering. It needs the cooperation of all stakeholders. From the preparation, storage, transportation and application of hydrogen, the manufacture of key equipment, including standardization and safety system, I think this is a huge system engineering. Relevant government departments need to take the lead in promoting the policy formulation of this strategy, and the relative enterprises are also expected to participate actively.



Dr Heinz OSSENBRINK, former director of energy efficiency and renewable energy at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, said in his speech: "We also hope to focus on clean energy in European elections. At today's meeting, we have actually seen the development of clean energy. These developments, we see in the energy itself, as well as a wide range of applications and energy substitution, that is, energy storage, including hydrogen energy, we all hope that by 2050, through the use of these clean energy to achieve the goal of low carbon.



Professor Hewu Wang, deputy secretary-general of China Electric Vehicle Association, Department of Automobile, Tsinghua University, said in his speech: "At present, the development of hydrogen energy battery vehicles in China is mainly directed towards the demonstration of commercial vehicles in some regions, so it is still in the stage of demonstration. In the field of public and logistics, it has been applied to a certain extent. By the end of last year, our country had produced 3,500 fuel cell vehicles, a small number compared with 2.6 million new energy vehicles, but these energy battery vehicles have accounted for 25% of the world's 1.4 million vehicles. Most importantly, we use fuel cell vehicles in the public sector. According to preliminary statistics, there are more than 300 fuel cells in the public transport sector nationwide, and the number of fuel cells in possession is the largest in the world.



In addition, at the splendid Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference, well-known enterprises from the energy storage, hydrogen energy (including hydrogen production, hydrogen supply, hydrogen transportation, hydrogen power generation) and fuel cell industry chain have publicized their new products and technologies, such as GCL, Trina Solar, Sunshine Samsung, Changxing Taihu Nenggu, Alpha-Ess, BYD, SolaXPower, Shuangdeng Group, Global Mainstream Dynamic Energy Technology Ltd, HUNAN HEYDAY SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., Chengdu Tecloman Energy Storage Technology Co.,Ltd, Ruipu Energy, Xi An Golden Stone Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Oliter Energy, ALLGRAND BATTERY, JIANGSU DONGYUAN ELECTRICAL GROUP, Ruan Technology, Nanjing Dongsong Power Tech, JiangSu FGY Storage Research Insitule Co.,LTD, DLG ENERGY(SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD, Shanghai Aerospace Hydrogen Energy, Shanghai Re-Fire, The Linde Group, SUNWISE, Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources, Shanghai E-Drive, Shanghai Yilan Energy, Beijing Zhongqing, CAS&M(Zhangjianggang) New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd, Hangzhou ZK Energy S&T Company etc.. The exhibition gathers experts and audiences from the fields of energy storage, hydrogen energy and fuel cell all over the world. It covers an area of 20,000 square meters. It is an efficient place for business trade, learning and communicating.



In 2020, the organizing committee will continue to hold the 2020 Int’l Energy Storage and Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition. We hope that we will meet again in beautiful Shanghai next year to lead the innovation and development of the industry and push the development of energy storage and hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology to a higher level.