Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunity

SNEC International Energy Storage Technology Conference offers the following sponsorship and advertising opportunities with a view to help the participants achieve maximum promotion results. For inquires or more information, please email to:

Qun WANG (Ms.)
Conference Executive
Tel: +86.21.33683167 - 809
Email: alywang@snec.org.cn

Sponsorship Price (US$) Advertising Price (US$)
Sponsorship for Conference To be negotiated Front cover (Booklet) $13,000
Back cover (Booklet) $8,500
Sponsorship for Welcome Reception $35,000 Inside front cover (Booklet) $3,500
Sponsorship for Gala Dinner $35,000 Inside back cover (Booklet) $2,500
    Colorful AD page (Booklet) $1,300

Note: The specification of the Booklet is 210×285mm.