Standard Booth Description

1. Standard Booth will be built as 9 sqm (3m X 3m) with items listed below:

a). Panel: using modular aluminum panel system, 950mm (W) and 2480mm (H). 9 panels make up a standard booth. A corner stand will have an additional open side with a header board.

b). Booth Header Board: 340mm (Outside Height), 3000mm (Length) and 200mm(Inner Height).

c). Facilities and lighting of Standard Booth will include one information counter, two folding chairs, one 220V/500W power socket, two 100W spotlights, and booth header board.

2. The power socket provided for standard booth is for lighting and Light-Duty devices only. Exhibitors need to order additional POWER POINT if they need to turn on Heavy-Dudy machines. The exhibitor shall be responsible for any damage caused by faulty operation.

3. KT board is prohibited in this exhibition.

4. Standard Booth Drawing: